Have You Ever Wanted To Be Aquaman? New Scientific Discovery Will Make That A Reality

Breathing underwater unaided is no longer just a dream within the realm of science fiction and comic books. Scientists in Denmark have developed a crystalline substance so powerful that a bucketful can bind and absorb all the oxygen in a room, a technology that will eventually allow humans to breathe underwater without the help of oxygen tanks or other bulky breathing equipment.


The stored oxygen – which can be absorbed from air or water – can then be released when and where its needed by putting it under a small amount of heat.

Being able to breathe underwater has long been a fascination for mankind, but the bulky oxygen tanks and face masks take some of the romance out of it.

They could soon no longer be needed however, thanks to the creation of what is now being dubbed the “Aquaman Crystal”. The material is able to store the gas at a much higher concentration than oxygen tanks, meaning it would be far smaller and lighter to carry, and can slowly release oxygen when put under a small amount of heat.

Professor Christine McKenzie said the crystal could be valuable for lung cancer patients who must carry heavy tanks around with them, but “also divers may one day be able to leave the oxygen tanks at home and instead get oxygen from this material as it ‘filters’ and concentrates oxygen from surrounding air or water.”

At the moment, large-scale production of this crystal is difficult due to its highly complicated chemical formula but hopes are high regarding its potential as an alternative to oxygen tanks.

(Source: Independent)

derek low cabin

This Guy Shelled Out $18,000 For An Insane Private Suite On A Singapore Airlines Flight

Travel blogger Derek Low recently used his air miles to purchase an $18,000 round-trip ticket in Singapore Airline’s Suite Class. Suite Class is the highest-end experience you can buy at the commercial airline level and amenities include your own private cabin, unlimited champagne and a luxurious restaurant spread.

derek low cabin

Derek Low living the life in his $18,000 cabin

Before even arriving at the airport, Singapore Airlines asks you to select your “title” from the available options. The available choices leave no question of the type of clientele Suite Class usually attracts.

singapore airlines titles

Pick your title…

Derek’s in-flight menu makes the standard first class menu look positively pedestrian in comparison. Below is his appetizer of Duck Foie Gras with Shaved Fennel-Orange Salad, Beetroot and Mizuna.

foie gras

Followed by Lobster Thermidor with Buttered Asparagus, Slow-roasted Vine-ripened Tomato, and Saffron rice.

SIA lobster

The other ultra-extravagant perks on Derek’s flight are similarly mind blowing, including multiple servings of Dom Perignon champagne, a Salvator Ferragamo toiletry kit with an ENTIRE bottle of cologne and Bose headphones.


He even had a private lounge area to relax in after dinner. An amazing flight experience that the rest of us can only dream of.

private lounge

(Source: Fox News)

Dog Encased In A Coat of Solid Tar Is Rescued By Volunteers

A stray dog in the Indian city of Udaipur fell into a pool of hot tar that encased the unlucky animal in a rock hard coat. The dog was unable to move when it was found lying in a pile of dirt and twigs by volunteers.


Dog’s fur is completely covered in solid tar

A team of volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited worked to free the panicked dog by using vegetable oil to dissolve and massage away the tar from the its limbs and body as he lay in the dirt. Over two days they slowly and gently pried away all the tar from his fur, giving him numerous bath sessions.


Dog lies awake while tar is removed by volunteers

The dog ultimately made a full recovery and was vaccinated. He’s now being cared for at the Animal Aid Unlimited shelter in Udaipur. This amazing story is owed completely to the contributions of both volunteers and donors as nonprofits rely on public support to keep their operations running. Every year Animal Aid Unlimited rescues thousands of hurt and sick animals and provides sanctuary to those who need life-long care.


Full recovery! Happy dog plays with volunteer

(Source: BBC)

Law Prevents NYPD From Shutting Down Wild Manhattan Sex Club

The NYPD has been unsuccessfully trying to shut down a wild sex club in Manhattan’s Financial District. The Amsterdam Club describes itself as a raunchy swinger’s club with parties catering to models and celebrities, particularly those in the adult entertainment industry.


The club has landed in hot water with other tenants of the commercial building it is located in who are complaining about the loud noise, drugs, cigarette smoke and sex-related paraphernalia. Movers were seen transporting 8 mattresses into the club – presumably not for sleeping.

However, while the tenants are free to voice their complaints, a police task force that raided the Amsterdam on Sept. 19th was only able to give the club a summons for selling liquor without a license. Because the club is set up as a member’s club, and no money is transacted in exchange for sex, the activities within are within the bounds of the law.

The owner of the building has claimed that the Amsterdam Club deceived him by saying they were a video production company when obtaining their lease. It’s not hard to see that could technically still be true…

(Source: New York Post)

Silicon Valley Tech Titans Pay $100,000 For A Little “Help” With Love

The men of Silicon Valley may be among the masters of the Tech universe, but there’s one area where they could still use a little professional help. Linx Dating, a boutique matchmaking service in Palo Alto founded by entrepreneur Amy Andersen teaches technology professionals basic dating skills for sky-high fees that range from upwards of $10,000 up to $100,000.

Silicon Valley Tech Titans spend $100,000 to land the girl of their dreams

Silicon Valley Tech Titans spend $100,000 to land the girl of their dreams

These hotshot technology executives, software engineers and startup founders learn everything from how to dress, and what haircut to get, to how to stock their fridge with woman-pleasing wine vintages. Clients are given a personalized program and are also taught how to make the appropriate dining reservations, limousine bookings and even partake in dancing classes.

Online dating is now a billion dollar industry and one in three Americans now meet their significant others through websites or dating apps. But even as the influx of technology-enabled tools has increased the available avenues for singles to meet their prospective partners, many exceedingly bright and successful individuals still struggle with the basics of social interaction and attraction. Boutique firms like Linx have stepped into this void with a unique and personalized approach that appeals to many of the tech elite.

(Source: Business Insider)

UK Diner Serves An Artery-Exploding 8,000 Calorie Breakfast That Has Never Been Finished…

The Bear Grills cafe in the UK serves an 8,000 calorie belly-busting breakfast that is so big that customers must sign a waiver just to eat it. “The Hibernator” weighs seven pounds and consists of 8 pieces of bacon, 8 sausages, 4 hash browns, 4 fried eggs, a 4 egg cheese omelette, 4 waffles, 4 pieces of toast, 4 pieces of fried bread, 4 black pudding, 2 ladles of beans, 2 ladles of tomatoes, mushrooms, a portion of large chips. And just in case you are thirsty after all that sodium, a 32 ounce milkshake is included to slake your thirst.

The "Hibernator" breakfast

The “Hibernator” breakfast

This meal includes enough calories to last you 4 days in just one sitting. The waiver specifies that no one under the age of 18 can take part and participants must acknowledge that they are aware of the high calorie and fat content. Would be participants must tick a box to say whether they have any underlying health conditions.

This is how the “Hibernator” (named because anyone who manages to finish it will have to sleep it off for a year) stacks up against other popular breakfasts:

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

Mickey D’s large Big Breakfast with Hotcakes includes scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, a large biscuit, hash browns and three hotcakes. The total is 1,150 calories. If you add a large Minute Maid orange juice (280 calories) and a large McCafé Frappe Chocolate Chip (750 calories), you reach a grand total of 2,180 calories. This is practically a diet meal in comparison.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

The A.M. Crunchwrap with Sausage provides a relatively modest 710 calories. Add a Grande Scrambler Burrito with Steak (670 calories), an orange juice (140 calories), and a hot coffee with creamer (35 calories), and your grand total comes out to a respectable 2,485 calories. Slightly higher than the Big Breakfast.

Burger King Breakfast Menu

BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter contains scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, a biscuit and 3 pancakes in syrup and packs a total of 1,420 calories. Five more French Toast Sticks will add 380 calories, a Minute Maid orange juice 140 calories, and a BK Caramel Frappé (600 calories) and you get a total of 2,540 calories. Still far less than the Hibernator! You would have to order 3 of these babies to get to 7,620 calories.

In summary – nothing even comes close to the Hibernator… which is likely why no person has ever finished it. The owner of the cafe is offering $160 prize to the first person who can finish it. Small compensation for a trip to the ER.

(Source: Daily Mail)

Couple Pays $30,000 to Have Threesomes… And Their 3rd Partner Isn’t Even Human!

Dave Hockey and his girlfriend Shawna Bigelow often have threesomes with “Bianca”, frequently welcoming her into their shared bed. In fact Bianca has been in Dave’s since before he even met Shawna. The thing is “Bianca” isn’t even human, she’s a life-sized silicone sex doll.

Dave, Shawna and Bianca

Dave, Shawna and Bianca… happily together

Bianca is part of a collection of five dolls that the couple has spent over $30,000 on. Bigelow has admitted to occasionally feeling jealous of Bianca and the other dolls in the collection. However, she believes that the experience overall is overwhelmingly positive.

Shawna went on to say, ‘It is kind of like a threesome without anyone getting hurt.”

‘You’ve got to realise that she is only a doll. that’s really not real, because who has the perfect body?

Dave added, “Having a threesome with a doll is safer, there is no emotional entanglement.”

Shawna has also said that she now has Terry, a male doll she can call her own. No word from the couple on whether Terry joins in on the fun with Dave.

Dave and Shawna are speaking out about their bedroom practices and their non-traditional relationship, which is helping to broaden public understanding and acceptance of the silicone doll industry.

(Source: Mirror)

Pet Goldfish Recovering From High-Risk Experimental Surgery

George, a 10-year-old goldfish living in Melbourne, underwent a risky experimental surgery to remove a life-threatening brain tumor. The procedure lasted 45 minutes and George was put under general anesthesia. Doctors knocked George out by first letting him swim in a bucket laced with anesthetics. He was then kept alive by a device that pumped oxygenated pool water through his gils as surgeons operated to remove the tumor.

George the goldfish on the operating table

George was returned to a bucket of normal water after the successful operation and was given antibiotics and painkillers. He is expected to make a full recovery and doctors expect him to live another 20 years. His owners paid $200 for the operation and are reportedly very attached to him.

What a lucky fish!

gold fish bucket

George relaxing in his bucket post surgery

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald)

Kim Jong-Un is So Fat His Ankles Broke… Literally

Kim Jong-Un has been missing from the public eye for the past three weeks, fueling global speculation about his health and condition.

Now we know the reason for his disappearance: obesity.

North Korean Dictator Loves to Eat

Kim Jong-Un Inspects the Buffet Spread

Like his father before him, Kim Jong-Un is known for his appreciation of fine food and drink. The North Korean dictator’s lavish lifestyle has caused his weight to skyrocket to an alarming 280 lbs. During a recent military tour of facilities and bases that involved extensive walking, Kim fractured both of his ankles as a result of the increased strain his heavy-set frame was putting on his body. He has since been hospitalized.

The North Korean spin doctors have even managed to find a heroic angle for their injured leader. A recent documentary shows footage of Kim Jong-Un limping through a factory while a narrator says that “despite some discomfort, our Marshal continues to come out and lead the people.” With more images of Kim moving heavy objects the narrator continues “His whole body is drenched in sweat, but he does not stop working hard, instead showing concern for the health of the other workers.”

(Source: Washington Post)

Walmart Claims Tracy Morgan at Fault for Being Hit By Their Truck

Walmart recently released a statement claiming that the terrible injuries actor Tracy Morgan sustained after being hit by a company tractor trailer were his own fault: because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

tracy morgan

Morgan remains in a wheelchair following the deadly June 7 collision, which resulted in the tragic death of his friend and fellow comedian Jimmy Mack. Walmart’s filing states that Morgan’s injuries were caused “in whole or in part” by his “failure to properly wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device,” which it said constitutes unreasonable conduct.

The statement also says that “by failing to exercise ordinary care in making use of available seatbelts … plaintiff acted unreasonably and in disregard of [their] own interests.”

The actors attorneys have called Walmart’s contentions “surprising and appalling”. A Walmart spokesperson has said that the company “continues to stand willing to work with Mr. Morgan and the other plaintiffs to resolve this matter.”

(Source: CBS)